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Sovereign Tanking Slurry Bag in Bucket 20kg

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Tanking Slurry for effective, permanent waterproofing. Superior Bond Strength. Just add water. Easy to apply

Category: Damp Proofing, Kits & Slurries


Sovereign Tanking Slurry is a grey cementitious compound containing portland cement, graded quartz sands, aggregates and chemical additives, supplied in powder form.
Sovereign Tanking Slurry is mixed with water to form a creamy paste which is brush or spray applied onto a suitably prepared background such as Sovereign Sulphate Resistant Ready Render.
The Slurry is an ideal product for above ground Damp Proofing in masonry structures which are difficult to install a Damp Proof course such as random stone walls for example.

• Effective, Permanent Waterproofing
• Superior Bond Strength
• Just add water
• Easy to apply using Sovereign block brush

Dimensions in mm (W,H,D): 326x333x326

Product Safety


  • Causes skin irritation
  • May cause an allergic reaction
  • Causes serious eye damage
  • May cause respiratory irritation

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