Basement tanking

with 10 year guarantee

What we do


Before we start we need to remove all water pipes away from the walls, all electrical Sockets, and may have to pay for the removal of the electric meter if wall mounted (Your supplier may not charge for this service) please phone them, Then we will.


  1. Sandblast all walls
  2. Grind out all pointing 10mm deep
  3. Spray Antisulphate solution wait overnight
  4. Dig out floor to 400mm deep
  5. Remove floor to skips
  6. Re-point walls and install fixing point for pipes and sockets
  7. Lay new floor and wait to dry
  8. Render all walls and spray with SBR Bonding agent
  9. 2nd coat of render and spray with SBR
  10. 1st coat of k11
  11. point all weak spots between the floor and walls, horizontal and vertical with barrier mortar
  12. 2nd coat of k11
  13. spray walls with SBR Bonding agent and apply Renderlite backing
  14. spray walls with SBR Bonding agent and apply Renderlite finish plaster
  15. 2 coats of multi finish plaster
  16. fit concure unit as required
  17. skip hire

A Deduction will apply if some of the above are not required. This is why we charge £1.00 per mile for travel and £80.00 pounds for a report with a full quotation. We will give back the report fee if the contract is won