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No more damp tanking slurry 20kg

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Category: Damp Proofing, Tanking

NO MORE DAMP Tanking Slurry is a cementitous waterproofing system which creates a monolithic bond using crystalline chemicals when applied to concrete and masonry structures. When mixed with clean water and applied correctly, this forms a permanent waterproof coating to the substrate and is easily applied by brush, trowel or spray.

NO MORE DAMP Tanking Slurry is ideal for use as part of a damp-proofing course (DPC), particularly on rubble filled walls where a chemical damp-proofing cream, such as Ultracure, cannot be used.

  • Suitable for damp-proofing and permanent waterproofing applications on concrete and masonry
  • BBA Approved
  • Resists positive and negative water pressure
  • Superior bond strength – becomes part of the structure due to crystalline technology
  • Prevents migration of hygroscopic salts
  • Suitable for use above and below ground level
  • Suitable for internal and external use
  • Safe to use in contact with potable (drinking) water (WRAS Approved)
  • Can be brush, trowel or spray applied

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